The Story So Far......

“......We don’t know how many of us left, are we the only one? or that we still have some other group like us? us, the last resistance against this tyrannical empire, all we know that we will not stop fighting! whatever happen, my fear has become real when I received a report from my trustworthy source, that  the last blow that nearly get all of us killed, are because of inside job, this is a grim news, moreover, the message confirmed that there is two person from my five agent left that is a traitor, but the message are scribbled for the last part, the part where it show their name. I must think this carefully, and make my next move with much calculation......”

-Captain log, 2332.2.44. AD



Welcome to The Rebel captain, where you are playing a role of a (maybe) the last pocket of resistance against the empire. 2 of our 5 agent are confirmed traitor, so you must plan your action carefully in which agent you send on a mission.



There will be a 5 mission in total. Each mission, you have to decide which agent that will go to go to the mission, each mission will require a certain number of agent to send. Thus, the number from mission 1 to 5 as follow: 2 3 2 3 3. The traitor will win if 3 out of 5 mission is fail and we win if we success in 3 out of 5 mission. If all the agent that you send are all loyal, the mission is guarantee 100% success, but if one of the agent are traitor, they can choose to sabotage the mission and make it fail, or let the mission success to cover their identity and lose the suspicion. Each mission, all you have to do is choose an agent by pressing the button below their portrait, after that, press the launch button and wait for the result. Each time, the traitor will be a different agent. Choose carefully captain, and remember, simple choices can lead to big consequences. Good Luck.


Space Backdrop - beren77
Character Potrait - Justin Nichol
Game GUI Simple Outline [Suares] - PR
GUI Set - Rawdanitsu
Background Space - Satur9

Music/Sound Effect:
Space - Alexandr Zhelanov
Space laser - bart
alien sucker - sauer2
single and multi  explosion - TheBlackSword

Unity Store:
Spaceship Construction Spirtes Set - karboosx

Special thanks:
My mom and sister, for their relentless support and encouragement.

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